Michael Schmeja

Michael Schmeja

Coaching & Consulting

As our awareness grows, so do we. When we are trying to see the world differently, new perspectives open up. Choosing them resonantly creates different and better results, new learning, growth and connection. Be curious and courageous!


Ways to grow


Working on your strengths and weaknesses to maximise your potential

Are you looking for change, a different perspective, or do you have important goals to reach? My focus is on helping you to go from where you are, to where you are seeing yourself or where you see your business.


Breaking the habit – Exploring the change – Turning into a winner

Sometimes we repeatedly do the same actions expecting different results. Let’s find together the source for such behaviours and use new methods to change. My support will help you explore new pathways to navigate to success.


Knowledge is knowing what to say, wisdom is knowing when to say it     

My passion will be to listen to you and inspire you with new ideas and different perspectives and encourage you into trying and succeeding with new actions to foster your career advancement.

About Michael Schmeja


I am a former senior executive in Finance & Trading with a past 25 year spanning career along regional and global responsibilities for various international top tier institutions in Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark and Switzerland. In the finance industry and elsewhere many people work in an environment that makes them unhappy and doesn’t fulfill them. Through hedonic adaption more money and consumption only temporarily fills the void. I did experience that first hand. Unconsciously, I always had a talent in developing, helping people and building great teams. When I solely focused on helping others living their dreams and reaching their goals my own life changed and I experienced more happiness and fulfilment. Our beliefs often hold us back. Shifting perspectives only slightly and rediscovering our own talents and strengths makes room for big changes in clarity and courage. Today, I work fulltime as a certified coach and want to help you achieving what looks “impossible”. If you are passionate, visionary and ready to be and live “YOU”, lets talk and explore if working together is a good fit.    

Services & Packages

Speed Coaching, Coaching projects, Mentoring & Consulting

Hogan Development Survey, Feedback on (HPI, HPS, MVPI)

LVI (Leadership Versatility Index) Feedback (360 degrees report)

Workshops/Sessions on Communication, Conflict resolution, Culture building 

Leadership Development 




Moderation sucks

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