Because you are the next best thing!

What is the key to success? For a lot of people buying something new — new technology, new devices, new systems, new “stuff” – seems to do the trick. They’re convinced that what they have is not enough. What holds them back are the things they don’t have.

When I was a “cheeky teenager” we did cycle a lot for endurance training and after a few steep mountains were we easily left a bunch of older blokes behind, I overheard them talking about newer and lighter racebikes with improved gear shifting etc. etc. “Why don’t you lose a few kilos instead, I shouted!”

You see, buying new or investing is a great thing to do but often, the only effort is writing a cheque. The hard work lies in improving yourself, in working with what you havefirst.

Plenty of companies do the same thing. They are quick in spending money on better IT, courses, systems or other stuff without really improving their bottom line. To improve your bottom line work on your front line is a slogan for many customer facing industries. The same goes for you, me, each of us. Ask yourself: What is it I am really shying away doing? Where do I look outward rather than inward?

All my clients are 100% committed to do the work on themselves. There is no quick fix. Work on what you have, you arethe next best thing!

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