Elevator pitch

What is your elevator pitch?, is a question coaches love to ask in leadership/development seminars and trainings. And then you see people busy preparing statements, veryMORE >

Donkey wisdoms

Fable of Aesop A Man and his son were once going with their Donkey to market. As they were walking along by its side aMORE >

About “Overthinking”

About “Overthinking” When was the last time you went from thought to thought, and before you realised it a few hours past and you endedMORE >

Serenity Prayer

Serenity Prayer God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to knowMORE >

“The difference”

“The difference” (Part 2) Last week I wrote about how “the number” determines the thinking. How, in my example, the whole year had been dominatedMORE >

Made to be broken

Last week I watched the RedBull TV documentary on Karl “Speedgoat” Meltzer an ultra trail runner breaking the Appalachian Trail speed record, finishing 2200 miles/3500kmMORE >

Sunday Afternoon Blues

Sunday Afternoon Blues For years I couldn’t wait for Monday to go to work. In fact, I checked rates Sunday late night to see theMORE >