Iris Apfel (97 years)

Iris Apfel (97 years)

“In my next life, Michael”, “I am too old for this” or “not at the age of x.”

When my clients come up with stories like this we always try to find out where the limiting belief is coming from.  As its nothing like a limiting belief. Ok, in relation to a planned achievement in a physical activity, agreed. There is a limitation. A 100-year-old, will hardly beat Usain Bolt in running 100m.
But otherwise, let me introduce you to Iris Apfel. For me she stands symbolically for breaking with limiting beliefs, for a life lived to the full. No matter the age. (Until well into her 80s she was an unknown.)

“Nothing I ever did I expected to do, it just kind of happened”, says Iris. I let you enjoy the article and hopefully it will inspire you as it did me.

Lesson: Age, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Go rock the world, play your game!

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