Go slow to be fast

I do ultra trail running and when I learned one thing its, the faster you go downhill the more you pay the price at theMORE >

Are you a Pavlov dog?

I don’t suffer fools gladly. It seems that in this day and age common sense isn’t very common anymore and like the bell had Pavlov’sMORE >

How to EAT an aeroplane!

Sounds crazy right? Impossible! And still, Michel Lotito, a French gentleman ate a Cessna aircraft over the span of 2 years. (Google, if you don’tMORE >

First to Blink loses

First To Blink Loses Hand on heart, when was the last time you stayed late at work not doing something useful but rather because youMORE >

Living for the weekend

Are you living for the weekend? Recently I took the train to Zurich to see a client. Opposite me sat a young woman, probably 20ishMORE >