Sunday Afternoon Blues

Sunday Afternoon Blues

For years I couldn’t wait for Monday to go to work. In fact, I checked rates Sunday late night to see the Foreign Exchange opening in Asia and calculated what it meant for my clients. At that time, The Blues was more Friday at 10pm when NY markets closed.

I had been blessed. How is your Sunday pm? Are you looking with pleasure to Monday? Or, is there a knot in your stomach building at 6pm, when the final rays of sunshine disappear and a long 5 days seem to lay ahead of you? Is the ghost of having to make money banging on your bedroom door?

Feeling to be in the wrong job can be the central existential crisis of our lives. We feel time is running out and we should do something meaningful with our talents. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The answer is patience, steadfast intent and structure. By feeling the Sunday Blues, you have only started a journey and by placing that feeling not only on a Sunday night (and not killing it with a drink or film) but at the centre of your life, you will through conversations with friends, mentors or coaches discover who you really are, your talents and what gift you bring to the world. Your new found clarity will benefit you and your old/new employer also financially.

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