Michael Schmeja

Coaching & Consulting

“Michael helped me to find a positive exit of my previous employment which I strongly desired but didn’t manage to execute for various reasons. He triggered thought processes by asking the relevant questions to make a change happen.”

Managing Director, Investment Banking

“Michael helped me to bring out the confidence that was buried inside. Subsequently, I dealt with some difficult personal situations and voiced my hidden thoughts and opinions. He enabled me to discover the stregths I could use by reading and understanding my personality.”

Team Leader, Private Banking

“Michael’s coaching is naturally & subtle, you hardly realize you’re doing efficient target oriented & succesfull work. His intuition for a problem’s root, asking the right questions, shifting perspectives and challinging you to question own convictions resulted in measurable actions.”

SEO/Founder, Beverage Industry Start-up

“Michael is a very good listener and allowed me “to be” with all my ideas and thoughts. His intuition and questions helped to explore my values and convictions. I discovered my self-confidence, self-worth and can live now my true self.”

Work council, High Technology & Advanced Electronics Manufacturer

“Michael is non-judgemental. His coaching helped me to raise my awareness, get clarity and make better choices. He wasn’t shy to ask the painful questions and held me accountable for my actions. Our sessions were a true “game-changer” for me.”

Semi-professional Athlete, Running